RV rental in Nagano

Are you planning a vacation to Japan? RV rental in Nagano is a great choice. Nagano is located on a four-hour drive from the capital city Tokyo. The city is surrounded by the stunning scenery of high mountains and blue lakes. The region is called the ‘roof of Japan’ by the Japanese because a large part is covered by the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park. Nagano is also home to several smaller nature parks, which are popular with skiers, mountain climbers and lovers of the Japanese Onsen (hot springs). Internationally Nagano is known for organizing the Olympic Winter Games in 1998.

Explore Japan with an RV from Nagano

Because of its central location, you can easily travel through Japan from Nagano. With an RV you can go to places where you would never go otherwise. You can experience the Japanese local cultures. Conveniently, Japan has many campgrounds, from basic and small to large and luxurious with many modern facilities. Combine the magical nature with the fast-paced city life during your trip. Activities for your bucket list are attending a tea ceremony and relaxing in an Onsen or Japanese bathhouse. From Nagano, it only takes you one hour to drive to Matsumoto, one of Japan’s oldest historical wooden castles. This mystical place deserves a visit.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

You can rent your RV from McRent in Hiratsuka, Nagano and Kai. McRent is the largest RV supplier in Europe and started with RV rental in Japan in 2017. McRent offers you good value for your money and offers great service while you are making your trip. McRent offers multiple camper types, from basic campervans to large and comfortable campers for the whole family. Ask our customer service team about the possibilities or request a free quote on our website.

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