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Campervan Village Worldwide

Rent a RV with Campervan Village Worldwide

With over 20 years of experience in the Industry, Campervan VIllage Worldwide is a specialist in 4WD and campervan Rental. You can rent an campervan or 4WD for your holiday from 9 different locations in Australia.
They are located in Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Broome, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

Advantages of Campervan Village Worldwide

- Campervan Village is a great choice for families, smaller parties but also backpackers. Its ideal for a roadtrip around Australia.
- The 4WD is suitable for families, the Aventus 2 is for smaller parties (on request a Aventus for 3 people would also be possible)
- Their fleet includes several interesting models like the Suzuki APV and the Nissan Navara 4WD 5 sleepers.  

Note: This supplier also works in South Africa, Nambia and New Zealand, for now only Australia is mentioned on our website. The other locations are not being operated at the moment.

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