RV rental in Hiratsuka

Are you looking for RV rental in Hiratsuka, Japan? Hiratsuka is a port city in the prefecture Kanagawa. From Tokyo, it is only a one-hour drive to Hiratsuka, which makes it a perfect starting point for your road trip through Japan. From Hiratsuka, it is a three-hour drive to Mount Fuji, one of the most famous sights in Japan. Mount Fuji is an active volcano, which erupted last in the 18th century, and also the highest mountain in Japan. Next to being a true wonder of nature, it is also a spiritual place for Shintoism. You can hike, cycle and enjoy nature and surrounding Mount Fuji there are multiple campgrounds for short and longer stays. In Hiratsuka, you can rent an RV from supplier McRent.

RV rental in Hiratsuka, Japan

Because of the central location of Hiratsuka, you can easily explore the North or South of Japan with your rental RV. You can visit the ancient city of Kyoto or the nature surrounding Nagano. Nagano is also a rental location from supplier McRent, so you can also choose to pick up your rental RV in this city. Japan has many campgrounds, varying from very cheap and basic to large, luxurious campgrounds with many modern facilities. Of course, you can also decide to explore the coast of Japan from Hiratsuka.

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You can rent your RV from McRent in Hiratsuka, Nagano and Kai. McRent is the largest RV supplier in Europe and started with RV rental in Japan in 2017. McRent offers you good value for your money and offers great service while you are making your trip. McRent offers multiple camper types, from basic campervans to large and comfortable campers for the whole family. Ask our customer service team about the possibilities or request an easy quote via the menu on our website.

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