RV rental in Austria

Are you looking for RV rental in Austria? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in over fifteen European countries, including Austria. This is the perfect country for an RV vacation! Pick up your RV or campervan at the rental location in the capital city of Vienna and travel through the picturesque landscapes full of mountains, lakes, and small villages. Every province of Austria has its own beautiful characteristics. Visit Steiermark, the green heart of Austria, or Carinthia, which looks like you just stepped into a fairytale. And of course, the grand vistas of Tirol must be on your list! You can choose out of hundreds of campgrounds and with Worldwide Campers, you have the freedom to travel anywhere at your own pace. Interested in RV rental in Austria? Request a free quote for RV rental in Austria on our website.

RV vacation in Austria

Depending on your comfort preferences, a travel company, and budget you can choose from several different RV and campervan models in Austria. Worldwide Campers works together with European supplier Indie Campers. They are one of the largest RV and campervan suppliers in Europe and offer six different vehicles. We offer one rental location, which is located in the capital city of Vienna. Once you have picked up your rental vehicle, you are free to decide your own route. You are even allowed to cross the border to other European countries, such as Switzerland or Italy. If you are traveling in the summer months we do advise you to reserve a few campgrounds to make your trip totally worry-free! Check out all European campgrounds on ACSI.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Travel all the provinces of Austria, camp in the mountains, or cross the border for a visit to the neighboring countries. At the end of your trip, you can return your vehicle to the rental location in Vienna but you can also choose another European city to end your trip. This is called an international one way and is possible for several cities, such as Rome or Zagreb. The exact amount of the one-way fee varies on the cities you choose as pickup and drop off locations. Please contact our customer service team for more info or request a free quote on our website. 

Camping in Austria

Traveling by RV is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Austria and Europe. Although camping in free nature is not allowed in most European countries. You have thousands of campgrounds to choose from in all price ranges. If you rent your RV or campervan from Worldwide Campers you do not have to worry about insurance. All the required insurance is included in your RV rental rate. In addition, you can purchase our No-Risk Warranty for $8 per rental day. We have you covered in case of any damages. 

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