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No Risk Warranty

The No Risk Warranty is a vehicle rental insurance refund program. The rental company provides a full vehicle rental insurance policy but usually you are responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle from any cause regardless of fault to a maximum that can vary by supplier. When the purchased our No risk Warranty, which is not an insurance, the renter can claim a refund of these charges upon return from Target Travel Services.

Note: You can purchase the No Risk Warranty while making the booking. With purchase of the No Risk Warranty, the renter can choose to decline any offer of additional insurance coverage at the pick-up location. In this case, the renter agrees with the additional deductible deposit, which in most cases will be reserved on the credit card, depending on the rental company.

Article 1. Definitions

  1. Target Travel Services; Target travel Services acting on behalf of Worldwide Campers as a mediator in Worldwide Campers rental.
  2. Camper rental company; Provider of the rental camper.
  3. Renter; Primary driver whose name is listed on the rental contract.
  4. Additional drivers; Those whose names are registered on the rental agreement in addition to the Renter.
  5. Rental contract; The written rental agreement between renter and Rental Company. The rights and obligations of the renter regarding the rental camper are in the rental contract and terms and conditions or the camper rental company.
  6. Voucher; Voucher that is provided by Worldwide Campers to the renter after the reservation process has been completed. With this proof of booking the rental camper can be picked up at the rental company.
  7. Damage Deposit; The amount of money that must be paid to the rental company in case of damage or loss of the rental Camper. The level of the damage deposit is specified in the rental contract.
  8. Deposit; Upon pick up of the rental Camper the renter must pay a deposit that equals the Damage Deposit. This deposit must be paid by a credit card that is in the name of the primary driver.
  9. Case of Damage; Any incident or series of related events that cause damage to the rental Camper
  10. Rental Camper; the rented Camper / RV / Motorhome.

Article 2. What insurance is included?

The rental camper is fully insured by the rental company. The renter and all additional drivers must comply with the terms and conditions of the rental company as described in the rental agreement. The handling of any damage is carried out in accordance with the rental contract between renter and Rental Company.

Article 3. Refund of the damage deposit

The compensation with a maximum amount of the damage deposit, with a limit of 2750USD. Damage occurred during the rental period and charged by the rental location, can be caused by:

  1. Camper entering water or going off-road, single vehicle rollover or a collision;
  2. Single accidents with no other parties involved;
  3. Collision with stray animals or birds;
  4. Fire and/or lightning;
  5. Theft, burglary, joy riding and robbery;

If due to above points damage has been caused to windows, mirrors, roof, undercarriage and tires, this damage will be covered by the No Risk warranty. Towing costs due to above causes will be covered up to a maximum of 500EUR.

Per rental agreement multiple cases of damage can be refunded, the maximum excess amount can never be exceeded. Administration fee, charged by the rental location will be included in the refunded amount, if the total amount is lower than the deductible excess. Should the administration fee exceed the deductible excess, the administration fee will not be refunded.

Article 4. No refund of damage deposit

The damage deposit will not be refunded in case of:

  1. Loss of or damage to the key(s) of the rental camper or if the key(s) are not returned to the rental company promptly upon returning the Camper.
  2. If the driver does not comply with the terms and conditions specified in the rental agreement (e.g. being registered as an additional driver on the rental contract, having the proper driving license, minimum/maximum age, etc.).
  3. Driving under influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, or other intoxicants.
  4. Driving outside areas designed for Camper use as indicated in the instructions of the rental company or by the qualified authorities.
  5. Damage resulting from acts of war, nuclear reactions, natural disasters, and extreme weather conditions.
  6. Any usage other than private transportation, such as transporting passengers for hire, driving lessons, transportation of goods, participating in contests, test drives and/or driving tests.
  7. Damage due to transporting flammable, explosive and/or corrosive substances or by not respecting the maximum allowable weight, width, or height.
  8. Damage due to inherent defects, as well as by ignoring the warning signals for maintenance and refueling with the wrong fuel.
  9. Use of the rental Camper to tow, push or drag another vehicle.
  10. Damage to or theft of the rental Camper due to consent, intentional act, negligence, vandalism, or serious misconduct in which the renter can be held responsible.
  11. Damage caused to the Camper by theft of personal belongings left behind in the vehicle.

Article 5. Obligations of the renter

In case of damage, the renter must adhere to the following guidelines, or risk the right to claim compensation:

  • Report theft or damage on site to the police. If this is not possible, then immediately report to the camper rental company;
  • Upon return of the camper, renter must provide complete, correct, and accurate information as requested by Target Travel Services. Follow all instructions given by Target Travel Services.

Article 6. Submitting a request for refund of deposit

To claim a refund of the damage deposit, the renter is required to fully complete the No Risk Declaration form and return it with the following attachments:

  • A copy of the signed rental agreement between the renter and the rental company
  • A copy of any theft or damage report
  • A copy of any police reports (if available)
  • A copy of the payment of the deposit to the rental company (a receipt for payment by cash or a bank / credit card statement)

The renter can submit a request for refund by emailing all requested documents to For more information please contact Worldwide Campers at (720) 819-7196.

Submitting a refund request must be completed within 8 weeks after finalizing the rental agreement. All requests will be reviewed within 6 weeks after receiving the claim.

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