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RV rental in Central America

Are you looking for RV rental in Central America or the Caribbean? The countries in Central America are becoming more popular as a vacation destination. Whether you are looking for incredible nature and wildlife, tropical beaches and palm trees or authentic cities with great food, Central America has it all! The mix of culture and nature with guaranteed sunny weather and white, sandy beaches make a great setting for your RV vacation. Interested in RV rental in Central America? Request a free quote on our website.

Tropical RV vacation

Maybe you do no immediately think of an RV for your vacation in Central America. But an RV is a great option for the real adventurers, looking to get off the beaten path. A benefit of RV rental instead of car rental is that you always have your belongings with you in your little home on wheels. Another advantage is that you instantly get to know other adventurous travelers, while staying on campgrounds in the middle of beautiful nature.

RV rental in the Caribbean

Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in tropical Cuba & adventurous Costa Rica. For a long time, this island was closed off from the world, but nowadays tourism is booming here. Are you looking for something more unique then a resort vacation? Then an RV road trip on the island is the right kind of adventure you need! A rental RV gives you the freedom to enjoy the beaches, green nature and authentic cities all in one vacation.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers has a partnership with camper supplier Daiquirí Tours on Cuba. They offers rental RV’s with sleeping capacity for max. six people. Are you curious about an itinerary for RV travel on the island? No worries, because the staff of Daiquirí Tours gives you some great advise. In addition, they also help you book campgrounds and RV sites on the island. Have we interested you for RV rental in Central America? Request an easy quote or contact our customer service team.

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