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Daiquirí Tours

Daiquirí Tours is a tour operator in Cuba and has been active since 2002 organizing excursions and guided tours for tourists who come to Cuba. In addition to these activities, they also offer RV rental in Cuba. Daiquirí Tours has one camper type, suitable for a maximum of 6 people. This camper type is made by Italian company RIMOR, with almost 40 years experience in camper development. The campers of Daiquirí Tours are built on the powerful Fiat Ducato 2300 Turbo diesel, which will guarantee you driving comfort and safety.

Where do you find Daiquirí Tours?

Daiquirí Tours has a rental location in the capital city Havana. This location is approx. 20 minutes away from the international airport. An employee of Daiquirí Tours will wait for you at the airport and bring you to the hotel, where your rental RV will be waiting for you. Daiquirí Tours has collaborations with several hotels on the island, where you can stay on the secured parking areas overnight for €30 per night per vehicle. During your stay in the parking areas you can make use of several hotel facilities (depending on the hotel and sometimes only for extra charges):

  • electrical connection (1.2KW per hour), non-drinkable water supply
  • Possibility to dump wastewater
  • Security for you and your camper
  • Accessibility to public facilities of every (overnight-) location, such as beaches, lagoons, pools, fitness- and sporting areas, etc.
  • A la carte restaurants*
  • Local personnel for cleaning- and customer service*
  • Shops for buying food, snacks, and drinks*
  • Washing machines and dryers*
  • Accommodations*

*These facilities are extra and are not included in the rental price of your RV. These facilities need to be paid locally. Curious to see which hotel and parking areas are working with Daiquirí Tours? 


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