Book your RV rental with Worldwide Campers and take advantage of our ‘all-in’ rental rates. All our rates include third-party insurance as well as accident insurance, known as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The CDW is a mandatory insurance covering costs in the event of an accident on public roads with another vehicle or damages as a result of vandalism. In addition to the CDW we always include a theft protection insurance (TP) covering costs as a result of theft of the vehicle. In short, our all-inclusive rental rates always include third-party insurance, CDW and TP on all vehicle types and at all destinations.

Security deposit

In the unfortunate event of damages; theft, fire, vandalism or an accident, the included insurances will cover the amount of the damages/loss, with exception of the personal liability amount. The personal liability is the amount for which you are personally responsible. Rental companies often apply this personal liability to ensure that you take sufficient care of the vehicle while in your possession.

NoRisk Warranty

Should your vehicle get damaged due to an accident, fire or vandalism we offer you our additional NoRisk Warranty. This means we will reimburse you for any personal liability. Even in the event of a single accident insurance. We do ask you a daily fee of $9 for our NoRisk Warranty. You can add this option to your booking when requesting your quote.

In case of any personal liability, we ask you to fill in our NoRisk claim upon your return from vacation and mail this to us. We will handle your claim as quickly as possible and upon approval, we will proceed to reimburse you within four weeks after you submit.

Why choose our NoRisk Warranty?

  • Save money: The Worldwide Campers NoRisk Warranty costs $9 per day. Reducing the your personal liability at pick-up rental locations usually cost $15 to $20 per day, depending on your RV/camper model and/or location.
  • Transparency: We provide you with clear terms & conditions, which are also in your RV rental voucher.
  • Certainty: When picking up your rental vehicle at the rental location, you will not need add any extras to your already booking. When making a booking, we show you exactly what is included in your prepaid rental rate. This way you will not encounter any unexpected costs or additional charges.
  • Efficiency: In the event of an accidents or damages, your personal liability claim will be handled quickly, efficiently and through a local Worldwide Campers contact.

Please note! If you added our NoRisk Warranty to your booking, you do not need a Super CDW or Super Cover locally when you pick-up the rental location. We have got you covered already! Make sure you read the rental agreement carefully before signing at the rental location.

Claim for reimbursement

In the unfortunate event that damages occurred to your rental vehicle and the RV supplier charged you locally, you can file an easy claim for reimbursement with Worldwide Campers (if you added the NoRisk Warranty in advance). In order to handle your claim quickly and efficiently, we ask you to send us the following documents:

  • our damage report
  • a copy of the local rental agreement
  • a copy of the theft/damage report
  • a copy of the police report (if applicable)
  • a copy of the bank/credit card transcription, or receipt on which the deduction is displayed

Please contact us if you have any questions about your RV rental insurances or our NoRisk Warranty.

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