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Are you looking for RV rental in Europe? Europe is a perfect destination for a trip by motorhome. Enjoy the sunny south or discover the beautiful nature in the north with a camper from Worldwide Campers. You can visit more than one country and enjoy several cultures in one trip. And do not worry about campsites- Europe has many! If you are interested in RV rental in Europe, please make a free and non-committed quotation in the menu on the website. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Locations and crossing boarders

Worldwide Campers offers rental locations in more than twenty countries. Choose the Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland for a peaceful trip away from the crowds. Or you can also rent your motorhome in southwest Europe. What about a road trip through Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Switzerland? Or pick up your rental in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, or Croatia. With all our suppliers you can easily cross the border to the neighboring countries. However, most suppliers do require that you return the vehicle in the country of your pick up location. Our supplier Motorhomes Italy is the exception and does offer international one ways. Many other suppliers offer the possibility of one ways within one country.

In general, if you plan to cross borders during your motorhome trip, it’s best to notify our experienced team when making your booking. This way, you are ensured to be aware of all the options and possible costs.

Motorhome suppliers in Europe

RV rental in Europe is possible with many suppliers. You can choose from over ten different suppliers, depending on your travel preferences. McRent and Touring Cars are our largest European suppliers and offer rental location in almost all our mentioned countries. They each have seven or more camper types you can choose from. You can also rent a campervan from one of our smaller suppliers. For example, Hostel on Wheels, a family business in Lisbon with one vehicle type or OrsonRent, with one rental location in Barcelona and known for their great hospitality.

Documents and age

Most European motorhomes and campervans are under a certain weight limit, which allows you to drive the vehicles without an additional or extra drivers license. If you are planning to rent a large motorhome, please check with our customer service department. In general, the assigned driver of the vehicle must be 21 years or older. This also applies to any additional drivers. As the renter, you are in all cases responsible for any toll payments within Europe. If you are traveling in peak season, we recommend making reservations for some of your campsites along the route. For all the campsites in Europe, please check EuroCampings.

Europeans traveling within Europe won’t need extra travel documents to cross borders. Other nationalities are advised to check with their local government.

Roads in Europe

European roads are designed to lasts about 40 years. This makes them smooth and strong for a long period of time. The roads with the highest quality rating are found in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Portugal. Strong winters and hot summers are two of the main causes for declining road quality, as potholes are caused when the soil under the road freezes and thaws. Typically, roads are smaller in Europe than in the US, Canada, or Australia. On highways this won’t cause any difficulties, but if you want to enter smaller cities, you may consider parking your motorhome and renting a car for the day instead. With more than 20.000 locations worldwide, we can suggest renting your car with our partner RNTaCar.

Motorhome driving in Europe vs the US

There are many similarities between driving in Europe and the US. However, North Americans may encounter some of the following differences during their motorhome trip in Europe. For example, some signs and rules are different, with the most important one being that the rule ‘right on red’ does not apply in European countries. Therefore, you are required to stop at all red lights and signs. We recommend checking the signs and their rules online before starting your road trip.

Roundabouts are fuel-efficient and a great way to keep traffic flowing. There are roundabouts in the US, but these are less common than in Europe. Especially countries such as France, the Netherlands, and the UK have many roundabouts. Be aware that these flow counterclockwise in countries where people drive on the left side of the road, such as the UK, Ireland.

The speed limits in Europe tend to be higher than in the US and on the Autobahn in Germany there is no speed limit at all! German authorities, however, recommend a maximum speed 130km/h. Don’t be surprised, but the prices for gas also tend to be higher in Europe. In the US it is common to be serviced at the pump station, whereas in most European countries you are encouraged to fill your motorhome by yourself and pay at the counter or via an automated payment system.

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