RV rental in Finland

Enjoy the many lakes, woods, and endless summers in Finland. A camper from Worldwide Campers offers you the possibility to discover this country in a relaxed and comfortable way. Look for reindeer in Lapland, enjoy the wonderful saunas, and meet the friendly Finnish people. In Scandinavia the concept of Allemannsretten, or “the freedom to roam” in English, makes it legal among other things to stay with your rental camper on somebody’s private property for one night, provided that you are polite, do not do any damage, and stay at least 150 meters away from any buildings.

RV vacation in Finland

In Finland Worldwide Campers offers campers from rental company Touring Cars. You can pick up your rental camper in Helsinki or Rovaniemi (the capital of Finnish Lapland). Of course, you can pick up your camper in one city and return it in the other, so you can even drive from Helsinki to Lapland if you do not have that much time for your camper trip. But the best option is, of course, to spend more time and make a real round trip by camper, so you can see the biggest part of Finland. For instance, you can drive your camper from Helsinki through the forests and the famous lake district of Finland all the way to Lapland. When you get there, we recommend that you find a campsite near the town of Salla for a couple of days. If you are lucky you will spot reindeer. If you do not find them in the wild, then visit the Salla reindeer park. Next, you can continue your round trip by camper and drive along the polar circle to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi. From here you can drive your camper to the north across the wide tundra all the way up to the North Cape. But you can also go south from Rovaniemi and drive along the west coast back to Helsinki. Of course, you can make this trip the other way round if you pick up your camper in Rovaniemi. This city is also the best starting point if you want to restrict your round trip to Lapland and the North Cape.

Discover Scandinavia by RV

Do you have plenty of time and do you want to cross all of Scandinavia in your rental camper? With Worldwide Campers, it is allowed to drive with your camper from Finland to Sweden and Norway. The only condition is that you return your rental camper in the same country where you picked it up.
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