Slowly but surely, more and more sustainable options are entering the market for RV rentals.

For example, Cruise America/ Canada uses an environmental charge of USD 10. This environmental charge is designed to offset a large number of environmental costs (direct and indirect). These environmental costs include all costs related to the proper disposal of oil, filters, tyres, batteries, and shop waste.

Furthermore, it is also possible to camp freely in New Zealand, as long as your RV is self-sufficient. Free camping for RVs with portable toilets (the contents of which are often ditched in nature) is no longer allowed following an amendment to the Legislation Act. Should you wish to stay overnight without facilities, it is necessary to have a permanent toilet in the RV that is certified.

But our Worldwide Campers team, which is part of Target Travel Services, is also making increasing strides in sustainability. For instance, twice a year we organise a Clean Up Day. On these days, our team spends an hour cleaning the neighbourhood around our office in Maarssen. The appreciation and positive reactions from the community are very satisfying. We will continue to organise these activities to leave a positive impact in the area. In addition, we will continue to work with suppliers to make RV rentals increasingly more sustainable for you, for us and for the world.


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