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Cruise America and Cruise Canada

Cruise America is the number 1 RV rental company in North America with over a hundred rental locations in the United States and Canada. The company started in 1972 by the Smalley family and has a fleet of 4,500 vehicles today. With their large fleet Cruise America offers a wide range of campers that can hold up to seven people. Their vehicles are very recognizable on the road, thanks to the colorful exterior of every RV type.

Please be aware it is mandatory to stay your first night in a hotel before picking up your RV.

Advantages of Cruise America

  • You can accelerate your pick-up time by pre-registering online for your pick up. That way Cruise America will have a lot of necessary information already registered in their system so the pick-up procedure at the rental location will be faster.
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • With over a hundred rental locations, you are very flexible in possible one-way options.
  • Pets are welcomed at Cruise America. When you bring your dog on the road, you are agreeing to clean up after your dog in the RV and return the vehicle in the same condition as received. Otherwise, you are subject to a cleaning fee up to $250 USD.
  • You are allowed to cross the border with Canada with your rental vehicle. However, the vehicle must be returned to a rental location in the USA.
  • Some rental locations in the USA allow you to park your own car at the rental locations while traveling. However, this is at your own risk. Please contact our customer service team for more information.
  • One way RV rental is possible between many of the rental locations and only on request. The one-way fee varies from $200 to $600. Please contact our customer service team for the exact costs.
  • All Cruise America rental locations are open from Monday to Saturday.
  • The minimum rental period is 7 days. You can rent a vehicle for less than 7 days but the rental fee will be calculated based on the 7-day minimum.

RV rental locations of Cruise America

Cruise America has many rental locations in the United States. Offering not only rental locations in the most popular cities like Miami, Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but has also rental centers in for example Albuquerque, Dallas, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Boston. Request a free and non-binding quote on our website to check all the rental locations.

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