RV Rental in the United States

Are you interested in renting an RV in the United States and exploring the beauty of this vast country? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental locations throughout the United States. Choose a city nearby, pickup your rental and enjoy the outdoors! Have you always longed to go camping with your family, visit National Parks, and travel the scenic byways? Traveling by RV provides you with the freedom to go wherever you like at your own pace. Browse through our US locations and suppliers and request a free quote on our website. For advice or more information, please contact the Worldwide Campers customer service team.

Please be aware it is mandatory to stay your first night in a hotel before picking up your RV.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Whether your are looking for an budget-friendly RV for the whole family or an adventurous campervan for you and your spouse, we've got you covered. Worldwide Campers offers 11 RV and camper suppliers in the United States. We always strive to provide you with a vehicle that meets your travel requirements. To make it easier for you to choose, we grouped our suppliers into three catagories: standard, comfort and premium. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, the rental vehicles from Cruise AmericaEl MonteTravellers AutobarnMighty or Britz are definitely worth a look.  If you are looking for some extra features in your RV or campervan, check out Apollo or Britz. The advantage of Apollo is that you are allowed to bring up to two pets with you. Our premium suppliers Road Bear RV and Star RV offer a new fleet of rental vehicles every year.

Please note: The RV’s from our supplier Cruise America are not available for American and Canadian residents. However, you can choose from one of the other suppliers that offer RV rentals in the United States.

One-way RV rental 

With Worldwide Campers you can pick up or drop off your RV rental in over thirty different cities. You can select a roundtrip in your quotation, but many of our suppliers also provide the possibility of one-way RV rentals. With one-way RV rentals you can select a different city as your drop off location. You can read all about one-ways here. If you are looking for campgrounds to stay during your RV road trip, read all our tips and useful links here.

Safe travels and peace of mind with RV rental

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable mode of travel this summer or fall, booking an RV is a great way to maximize your freedom and flexibility as you enjoy the open road and great outdoors. Our suppliers have implemented COVID-19 protocols for deep cleaning and disinfection of all rental vehicles, and low-contact interactions at pick-up and drop-off locations. Please contact our Worldwide Campers customer service team for more information on safe traveling or RV rental in the United States. We are here to help you plan your adventure of a lifetime in an RV rental!

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