Worldwide Campers has trusted partnerships with over forty RV and campervan suppliers worldwide. Ranging from large, international RV companies to small, independant specialists. We always offer a supplier that fits your travel preferences. You can choose a luxury RV with high levels of comfort or a basic campervan with all the essentials you need on your trip. Click on one of our suppliers to read more about their unique selling points, rental locations and RV/campervan models. Once you chose your supplier, you can request a quote on our website to compare pricing. Please contact us if you prefer additional advice.


Mighty offers RV and camper rental in North AmericaNew Zealand and Australia. The branches in the United States are part of El Monte RV and the branches in New Zealand and Australia are part of Tourism Holding Limited (THL), just like our suppliers Maui, Britz and Roadbear. They offer 3 rental locations in New Zealand, 9 rental locations in Australia and 5 rental locations in the USA.

Advantages of Mighty

  • You can accelerate your pick-up time by pre-registering online for your motor home pick up. That way Mighty will have a lot of necessary information already registered in their system so the pick-up procedure at the rental location will be faster.
  • You can add the following extras with your rental: child and booster seat, camping table and chairs, awning, and a cooler box.
  • All Mighty North America branches are open from Monday to Saturday. The Vancouver and New York branches are also open on Sundays from May to September.
  • The minimum rental period is 7 days. You can rent a vehicle for less than 7 days but the rental fee will be calculated on the 7-day minimum.
  • 24/7 on the Road care team
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