RV rental in Australia

Are you looking for RV rental in Australia for an adventurous road trip through the Land Down Under? Worldwide Campers is here to help you make the most of your time in Australia. Australia is the perfect destination for a road trip by camper, trust us we know! During the European summers, it’s winter in Australia. Luckily the weather in most parts of Australia still beats the average summer in Europe. A popular route to take is from Cairns to Brisbane. Experience Queensland’s tropical north and travel along the coast all the way to Australia’s Gold Coast, a popular spot for surfers and backpackers.

RV rental with Worldwide campers

Worldwide Campers offers a wide array of campers and trusted suppliers in Australia. Whether you prefer a large 6-seater motorhome or a small backpacker campervan, we have it all. At WorldWide campers, you can choose the camper that fits all your wishes and needs. Backpacking in Australia with loads of freedom is a great idea with our suppliers Camperman Australia, Hippie or Jucy. These suppliers are also offering a variety of nice painted campervans, for those who want to stand out. If you’re traveling with your family and need more space and comfort, Apollo and Britz offer great value for money. 4×4 camper rental is also possible with our supplier Britz. The luxury suppliers Maui and Star RV offering brand new motorhomes. A camper holiday in Australia is guaranteed to leave you with great memories, no matter the supplier. If you’re looking for campsites, check out this website

All-Inclusive camper rental rates

In Australia, camper rental rates are All-Inclusive. Meaning unlimited mileage so no worrying about having to pay an additional fee when driving an extra scenic byway. So, even if you drive from Sydney all the way to Perth, you never have to pay extra money. Ask us about the insurances and the options to reduce your deductible before you start your road trip. Request your own quotation to see what’s possible or feel free to contact us. Ready to book your RV rental in Australia? Make a free quote on our website.

Save on your Australian camper trip

Most people tend to spend more than a week or two in Australia as the country is so big and getting there is a trip in itself. Domestic flights aren’t expensive and very popular in Australia. Many of our customers opt for more than one destination within Australia and our suppliers offer long hire distance discounts if your trip in total is longer than 21 days. If you book all your camper rentals with the same supplier, you can benefit from this discount. Good to know: this discount is also valid for combining New Zealand with your Australia trip. We have a great network of locations in our portfolio. For example, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Broome, Darwin, Hobart and Melbourne.

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