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Hippie Camper

Hippie Camper is developed by Apollo as a low cost alternative and has rental locations in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Hippie hires campervans to drivers 18 and over, as long as you hold a valid, non-provisional driver's license.
  • The age of the Hippie campers varies between 3-7 years old (Drift / HiTop)
  • Note that in New Zealand children must be over 8 years of age (taller than 145cm) to travel in any Hippie vehicle!

There is a mandatory pre-registering online for your motorhome pick up.

Toll Roads

In Australia we have toll roads in three of our major cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It is the clients responsibly to ensure that these tolls are paid and in the event they are not, Apollo/Cheap/Hippie receives their fine which we then process on the clients behalf. Effective immediately our mutual guests will have the opportunity to purchase a Toll Package at the branch. This will cover all toll roads without the need to set up a toll pass themselves or pay each toll individually. We aim to educate our guests on these toll roads via our Magazine which every guest receives a copy, Branch staff advise and counter top notices.

Hippie offers several locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Different rental locations for Hippie are: Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and Auckland, Christchurch.

Camp sites

If you want to pre-book your camp grounds, please have a look at the following sites:


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