RV Rental Christchurch

Looking for RV rental in Christchurch for a round trip through the beautiful nature of New Zealand? Then you are in the right place if you pick up your RV in Christchurch on the South Island. From this city, you don’t have to drive your camper very far to see most of the highlights of the South Island. If for example, you drive from Christchurch southwards along the coast, you will find the remarkable Muraki Boulders, huge round stone balls, that are lying on the beach. If you drive your rental camper farther south, then you can visit the city of Dunedin, where you can see the steepest street in the world. If you drive your camper from Christchurch to the west, then you can show how fit you are by climbing one of the glaciers on the west coast. The main airport of the South Island is located near Christchurch, so if you want, you can fly back from there after your round trip by motorhome.

From Christchurch to Auckland

Depending on the amount of time you have for your vacation, you can also opt to travel to the North Island. Take the ferry to the capital Wellington. The North Island has beautiful parks like Whanganui or Lake Taupo. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s fun to visit Matamata where the movies were partly filmed. Another highlight is Rotorua, known for the colorful hot water springs. End your trip in Auckland where you can spot some dolphins and whales.

RV rental in Christchurch 

If you want to pick up your rental camper in Christchurch, you can choose a motorhome from Star RV, Apollo, Britz, Hippie Camper or Cheapa Campa. These suppliers offer a wide range of campers and campervans for any budget. If you only want to make a round trip on the South Island, then Christchurch is the main arrival and departure airport. But of course, you also have the option to travel with your camper by ferry to the North Island. If you want, you can also drop off your camper there.

Rental locations in New Zealand

In addition to a rental location in Christchurch, Worldwide Campers also offers rental locations in Queenstown on the South Island. On the North Island you can pick up or drop off your RV in Auckland or Wellington. If you have any questions about RV rental in Christchurch, our special discount deals or one-way traveling from North to South Island, contact our customer service team.

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