RV rental in Sweden

Sweden is a country that you definitely have to see, even if only once in your life! And of course, there is no better way than a round trip by camper to see as much as possible of the country and enjoy the unspoiled nature. In Sweden, just like in Finland en Norway, they have the unique concept of “allemansretten”. This makes it legal among other things to camp on someone else’s private property for one night, provided that you’re polite and stay at least 150 meters away from any buildings.

RV vacation in Sweden

Wherever you go with your camper in Sweden, the landscape is breathtaking. And the amazing natural beauty is mixed with culture, centuries-old buildings and interesting musea in Sweden’s modern cities. That mix is the reason that a round trip by RV or campervan through Sweden has something for everyone. Families with children will also have an ideal holiday here because the country has many amusement parks, zoos and other facilities for the little ones. Most cities are located in the south of Sweden, like of course the capital Stockholm, the lovely city of Göteborg at the southwestern coast and Malmö in the very south. The center part of Sweden is more tranquil with a perfect mix of nature and culture. And if you drive your camper further northbound then the landscape will be even more unspoiled and tranquil. Here you can really feel one with nature and take long walks, paddle in a canoe, go fishing or when there is snow go skiing or take a sleigh ride.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers cooperates with rental company Touring Cars in Sweden and offers a rental location in Stockholm and Mälmo. An extra reason to book your rental camper with Worldwide Campers is that you do not have to restrict yourself to Sweden on your round trip. You can cruise the whole of Scandinavia with your camper. So a visit to Norway or Finland is possible, on the condition that you return your camper in the country where you picked it up. For more information on rental company Touring Cars, you can visit the page rental companies. Do you want to know more about how your camper is insured, then read the page insurances.

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