RV Rental Stockholm

What about RV rental in Stockholm for a beautiful road trip through Sweden? Stockholm is the perfect start of your trip. The capital city is located close to the coast with an archipelago of approx. 24,000 islands. Because of all the connections to water and the canals, Stockholm is also nicknamed the Venice of the North. From Stockholm, you can go many ways with your RV. You can decide to travel the south coast of Sweden and explore the beautiful lakes around Norrköping and Jönköping before you drive to Malmö. From here you can drive along the coast to Göteborg before you drop off your RV back in Stockholm.

Explore the north of Sweden by RV

You can also choose to explore the north of Sweden with its many National Parks, full of bears and moose. From Stockholm, you drive the highway E4 along the east coast towards the north. Visit the beautiful National Park Björnlandet or Sarek National Park with over a hundred glaciers. Are you interested in RV rental in Stockholm? Make a free and non-committed quote on our website or contact our customer service.

RV rental in Stockholm 

It is easy driving on the highways of Sweden because it is seldom busy and the Swedish are relaxed drivers. This makes Sweden even for the less experienced drivers a perfect country for a road trip by RV. Worldwide Campers offers various types of RV in Stockholm from our premium suppliers Touring Cars and McRent. Depending on your wishes and the number of people you are traveling with you can go for a compact campervan for two people or rent a large motorhome for up to five or six people.

More rental locations in Sweden

Next to the RV rental location in Stockholm, you can also rent your RV in Malmö.  This extra rental location gives you the opportunity to make a one-way between Stockholm and Malmö.

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