RV rental in Switzerland

A round trip through Switzerland by rental RV guarantees spectacular views, winding mountain roads, and the pure fresh air of the Alps. Switzerland makes for a great holiday destination throughout the year. The winter season shows a whole different side of Switzerland compared to the long summers. Start your trip by camper in cosmopolitan Zurich and discover the many lakes, glaciers, and mountain passes of Switzerland. Enjoy the beautiful nature of the Graubünden region, the spectacular surroundings of Lake Geneva, and the many museums in the cities. Switzerland makes for a camper holiday without any dull moments.

RV road trip in Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect holiday destination for those that love nature and adventure. You can finish a day filled with challenging hikes or bicycle trips with an evening sipping cold wine and eating world-famous Swiss cheese. The vineyards look enticing and the Swiss chocolate and cheese are well known for their high quality. There are plenty of options to stay overnight with your camper, from larger family campgrounds to smaller campsites at local farms. Whether you travel alone, with friends, with your partner or the whole family, at WorldWide Campers we always have the right camper for you. You can ask our advice without any obligations.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers 

In Switzerland, Worldwide Campers cooperates with rental company McRent. This company has smaller campers that are well suited for two persons, but also larger models for the whole family. The quality standards of McRent are very high and their campers are never older than three years. When you pick up your camper at one of the locations of McRent you can expect a clear explanation of how everything works. You can also register online to make the pick-up process at the rental location even more efficient. For more information about rental company McRent you can click on the page with all our rental companies.

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