RV Rental Iceland

The unique natural beauty of Iceland can be best experienced with a comfortable RV from Worldwide Campers. Iceland’s Ring Road (Route 1) will take you to scenic bays, impressive glaciers, and authentic villages. Enjoy the hot springs, spot whales, and puffins, or try one of the specialties of the Icelandic cuisine like sheep’s head, dried fish, or pickled meat. If you take the climate into consideration, an RV vacation is an ideal way to see Iceland.

Your RV round trip from Reykjavik

The international airport in Iceland is Keflavik-Reykjavik. You can pick up your RV directly after you arrive or first take one or two days to visit Iceland's hip capital city. From Reykjavik it is a good idea to first travel inland with your RV and visit Iceland's biggest lake Thingvallatan and the most famous geyser, called Geysir. From here you can drive a bit further and then you and your RV will reach the waterfall Gulfoss. After this you have a choice: you can continue your round trip by driving your RV southwards first and visit the most famous volcano of Iceland, the Hekla. Next, you can drive your RV along the south coast which is full of birds until you reach the eastern coast with its many fjords. Your round trip by RV will then bring you to the fisherman's coast in the north, from where you have a spectacular view of the Arctic Ocean. Halfway along this northern coast, you will find the port of Husavik, where you can leave your RV behind for a day to look for humpback whales on board of a boat. If afterward you drive towards the west, you will reach the peninsula Vatnsnes, a paradise for seals and sea birds. The road will take you further along more peninsulas until you return to Reykjavik. Of course, it is also an option to make this trip the other way round. Wherever in Iceland, you will travel by RV, you will always find overwhelmingly beautiful nature with geysers, volcanoes, lakes, glaciers, and fjords.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

On Iceland Worldwide Campers cooperates with rental companies Indie Campers, Happy Campers, McRent, and Touring Cars, which offers rental locations in/around Reykjavik. Both McRent and Touring Cars have small RVs, suited for one or two persons, but also larger models for the whole family. For more information on these rental companies, you can check our Suppliers

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