RV Rental Norway

Tranquility, space, and a coastline with innumerable fjords make RV rental in Norway the perfect way to discover this beautiful country with a camper. Outdoor camping is very popular in Norway and there are many campsites. But you also have the possibility to park your camper in one space for free for 24 hours. In Norway, like in the rest of Scandinavia, they have the concept of “Allemannsretten”, translated to “the freedom to roam” in English. This makes it legal among other things to use someone else’s private property, provided that you are polite, do not do any damage, and stay away from the area directly around a private house. This privilege does not apply to protected nature reserves, but anywhere else feel free to roam around.

An RV trip through Norway

The majority of travelers to Norway arrive in Oslo. If you book your round trip by RV with Worldwide Campers, you can pick up your camper in this Norwegian capital. Depending on how much time you have for your round trip, you have a choice of routes from Oslo. If you do not have that much time, then you can make a magnificent round trip through the south of Norway. For example, you can drive your camper from Oslo inland to the north. On your way to the city of Lillehammer, you will drive through mountains, forests, and mirrorlike lakes. From Lillehammer, you continue westbound, a route that will take you to several beautiful national parks. Near the town of Gaupne you will find the Jostedalsbreen park, with the largest glacier of the European continent, and the famous park Jotunheimen, which has the highest mountain peaks of Norway.

Continue your adventure on the west coast

Next, you continue in the direction of the west coast, where the city of Bergen is well worth a visit. Afterward, you can follow the famous coastal road RV 17 back towards the south. This road takes you and your camper along magnificent fjords. Along your route, you will find the lovely city of Stavanger and if you drive your camper back to Oslo along the south coast, then do not forget to visit the town Kristiansand. If you travel with children then the zoo and the amusement park here are a must! If you have more time for your RV rental in Norway, then of course you can also follow the coastal road RV 17 all the way up north until you reach the North Cape. If you want, you can drive back to Oslo through Sweden.

RV rental in Norway

Worldwide Campers cooperates with rental companies McRent and Touring Cars in Norway and offers rental locations in the capital city Oslo, Trondheim, and Kristiansand. If you want to explore not only Norway but also the rest of Scandinavia, then Worldwide Campers is a perfect choice. You are allowed to cross the border by camper to Sweden and Finland. The only condition is that you return your rental camper in the same country where you picked it up. Looking for RV rental in Norway? Contact our customer service team and request a camper quote on our website.

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