RV rental Kristiansand

Are you planning to travel around Norway and visit all the well-known cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger? Via Worldwide Campers you can choose RV rental in Kristiansand for a diverse and relaxed road trip in the southern part of Norway. Kristiansand has an international airport, which offers many direct flights from Europe. From Kristiansand, it takes a 4-hour drive on the highway to visit Stavanger, but you can also choose the scenic route along the coast of the Northsea. You will have amazing views of picturesque villages and the famous lighthouse in the southernmost tip of Norway: Lindesnes.

A diverse road trip by RV in Norway

Traveling along the beautiful coastline with fjords, mountains, and beaches you will arrive in Stavanger. This is a port city with approx. 120.000 inhabitants has a lively and authentic city center, which is worth a visit. After Stavanger, you continue the coastal route along several islands and a couple of deep-sea tunnels before you arrive in Bergen. From Bergen, you can drive inland. A fun stop is Lillehammer, known for the Olympic Games in 1994. Another recommendation is the Hardangervidda National Park, the largest park in mainland Norway. Drive to Oslo and spend a day or two in the city. At the end of your trip, you can return your RV in Kristiansand, which makes a perfect roundtrip.

RV rental in Kristiansand

Norway serves as a perfect backdrop, just like the other Nordic countries, for a road trip by RV or campervan. The country has great infrastructure and the roads are seldom busy. In Norway, you are allowed to camp and sleep in free nature for max. 24 hours in the same place, with the exception of the preserved nature areas and private properties. Worldwide Campers offers one rental location in Kristiansand of our supplier McRent. McRent has different RV and campervan types varying in size and comfort. They also offer an online pre-check-in, which can save you up to 30 minutes at the rental location when picking up your RV.

RV rental in Norway

Next to RV rental in Kristiansand, you can also rent an RV in for example Rygge, Tromsø, Stavanger, and Oslo. Depending on your preference in route, we also offer the possibility of a one way between our rental locations. You can start in e.g. Kristiansand and return your RV in Oslo before you fly home. Do you want to know the one-way costs or do you have additional questions? Make a free and non-committed quotation on our website. And our customer service team is happy to help you.

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