RV rental in Scotland

Are you interested in RV rental in Scotland for a road trip in the beautiful Scottish landscapes? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Scotland as one of over fifteen European countries. An RV vacation in Scotland is perfect for nature lovers and true adventurers. Drive through the rolling plains, rugged rock formations, and over 3000 ancient castles and experience the mysterious, fairytale ambiance. Travel the Scottish Highlands and enjoy the vistas, like the Queen’s View. Looking for RV rental in Scotland? Request a free rental quote on our website.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers works together with two suppliers for RV rental in Scotland. You can rent a vehicle from our supplier McRent, a large European supplier. McRent is originally a German supplier but has expanded to nineteen European countries over the years. They offer fifteen RV and campervan models, which you can choose from depending on the rental location of your preference. You can also choose to rent an Apollo vehicle in Scotland. Apollo is a large international supplier, with rental locations all over the world. They opened their first European locations in 2017 and they offer five camper models. Both offer unlimited kilometers in their rental rates. With Apollo, the Kitchen Kit is also included in the price.

Traveling by RV in Scotland

If you are looking for a trip through spectacular nature in Europe, we recommend RV rental in Scotland! You are allowed to cross the border to England and Ireland with your rental RV on the condition that you discuss your plans at the rental location. You can also choose a one-way RV rental. This means you drop off your vehicle at another rental location at the end of your trip. You can choose Manchester, London, or even Dublin as a drop-off location. A one-way trip is always on request because you need approval from the supplier. You also pay a surcharge for a one-way trip, which is called a one-way fee. Please contact our customer service team for the exact costs of one-way RV rental in the United Kingdom.

Camping in Scotland

You can find a campground all through Scotland. From cheap campgrounds with basic facilities to more luxurious campgrounds, which have extra amenities like a pool or playground for kids. In addition, you can camp free in Scotland, which gives you a unique chance to sleep in the middle of nature. There are a number of conditions for free camping, which you can read here. We advise you to alternate between free camping and using the facilities of a campground. If you are looking for advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help get you on the road safely!

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