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Worldwide Campers has trusted partnerships with over forty RV and campervan suppliers worldwide. Ranging from large, international RV companies to small, independant specialists. We always offer a supplier that fits your travel preferences. You can choose a luxury RV with high levels of comfort or a basic campervan with all the essentials you need on your trip. Click on one of our suppliers to read more about their unique selling points, rental locations and RV/campervan models. Once you chose your supplier, you can request a quote on our website to compare pricing. Please contact us if you prefer additional advice.

Bunk Campers

They are established in 2007, award-winning Bunk Campers has grown to be one of the largest campervan & motorhome hire companies in the UK & Ireland, with a fleet that is 100% company-owned. Bunk Campers are the only all Ireland campervan rental company and have recently expanded now offering campervan hire Scotland & England, with depots located close to Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow & London Gatwick airports. For campervan rental from London, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin, this is your one-stop-shop!

Bunk Campers offer anything from compact and stylish campervans to large apartment-style motorhomes – your transport and accommodation in one. They’ve got all the kit you need to get you on the road. At Bunk Campers, our campervans are converted, fitted, and kitted to your own exact specification based on our experiences. They update our fleet of campervans & motorhomes every year and all our vehicles are modern and safe! 

Advantages of Bunk Campers

  • From budget campervan hire to luxury motorhome hire, they have the vehicle type to suit your trip.
  • They work with flexible rates.
  • The 2 person Roadie camping car is unique to Bunk Campers. Make your travel budget go miles further!
  • The vehicles are modern models from leading manufacturers across Europe
  • All our vehicles are less than 2 years old. 
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