RV Rental Italy

You can drive around ‘Bella Italia’ comfortably in a camper from Worldwide Campers. Culture, nature, and delicious food will guarantee a perfect vacation in Italy. Discover beautiful Tuscany, the colorful Riviera of Flowers, or drive all the way down south with your RV to the heel of the boot. RV rental in Italy is very easy with Worldwide Campers because you can choose between ten cities in Italy, including a rental location in Sardinia and Sicily. Are you interested in RV rental in Italy? Please make a free quotation without any obligations on our website. 

RV vacation in Italy

In Italy, there are many roads to travel by RV. Do you want to make a round trip through the rural regions of Tuscany and Umbria? Then you can for example start your trip to the city of Bologna or Pisa, with its famous leaning tower. You pick up your rental RV and begin your road trip through the sloping countryside full of cypress trees, vineyards and centuries-old villages and small towns. If you drive your RV northwards, you can visit Venice with its canals and gondolas. Or explore the city of Milan, with the towering cathedral and the many fashion designers, is worth a visit. If you drive your RV to the south, a visit to the capital city Rome lies within reach.

RV rental in the South of Italy

Do you prefer to explore the south of Italy by RV? Then choose to pick up your RV in Naples and from there drive towards the excavations in Pompeii and see the volcano Vesuvius. Continue your trip southwards along the Amalfi coast towards Sicily. Do not forget to admire the volcano Etna and of course to enjoy the cuisine of Sicily in one of the many restaurants you will find. With our supplier Motorhomes Italy, you can make your trip even more flexible with a one-way.

RV rental in Italy

Worldwide Campers cooperates with rental companies Motorhomes Italy, Indie Campers and McRent in Italy. These two suppliers together offer a wide choice of locations where you can pick up your RV. McRent has for instance rental locations in Naples, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Pisa and Milan. With over 1500 campsites, Italy has you covered for a place to sleep. Any questions about RV rental in Italy? Please contact our customer service team.

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