RV rental in Alghero

Are you looking for RV rental in Alghero for a road trip on the Italian island Sardinia? Sardinia is very suitable for a trip by motorhome. The island has over 200 campsites and infrastructure, which leads you to unknown places away from the other tourists. When you are flying to Sardinia, you will make a stopover at one of the airports on mainland Italy. Sardinia has three international airports and one of them is Alghero. You can also travel by ferry to the island. Then you arrive on the east side of Sardinia. Are you interested in RV rental in Alghero? With Worldwide Campers, you can make a free quotation in four easy steps. 

Start your RV trip in Alghero

RV rental in Alghero gives you the possibility to discover all corners of the island. Sardinia is known for its beautiful coastlines with clear blue water, impressive rock formations, and white sandy beaches. Great for activities like swimming, boating, and diving. But the nature of the island also offers many activities as there are mountains and caves and a lot of hiking trails. Sardinia has a long history which you can experience in all the historic cities. Some have a history of almost a thousand years, for example, Alghero. Alghero dates back to the Middle Ages and they still have a city wall to prove it.

RV rental on Sardinia

You can choose between two locations for RV rental in Sardinia: Alghero in the north and Cagliari in the south. The Northern parts of the island have some great activities and sights to offer. Recommendations are the Cave of Neptune and the beaches of Costa Smeralda. Sardinia has over 200 campsites in all price categories. Many of these campings work on a first-come-first-serve basis without the option of reserving your spot. This gives you the advantage of traveling in your own time and at your own speed, even in the peak season. As long as you arrive somewhere in the afternoon, many campsites will have a spot for you.

Our RV supplier in Alghero

RV rental in Alghero is possible with our supplier Motorhomes Italy. This supplier offers four different types of motorhomes. You can choose your motorhome depending on the size of your travel company. Motorhomes Italy also offers free transfer service from and to international airports. If you are interested in this additional service, please contact Worldwide Campers. Are you flying to Cagliari, on the south part of the island? You can also rent your motorhome in Cagliari, where you can choose between two suppliers: Motorhomes Italy and McRent.

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