RV rental in Windhoek

Windhoek is the capital and also the biggest city in Namibia, though it still feels small-scale and spacious. For this reason, you won’t get lost very soon in Windhoek. The city is located in the middle of Namibia, in the hills at a height of 1650 meters. Closeby is the only international airport in Namibia, which makes RV rental in Windhoek an ideal option if you want to make a unique road trip through Namibia.

Modern city in the middle of Namibia

Windhoek is a modern city with many western influences mixed with the local culture. Namibia was colonized twice, once by Germany and once by South Africa, and became independent in 1990. Because of this history, you still find lots of German buildings and next to English people also still speak Afrikaans and German.

Start your trip in Windhoek

From Windhoek, you can start your journey through Namibia. You can start in the northern part of Namibia, where you can visit the town Otjiwarongo and be amazed by the wildlife in Etosha National Park. This nature park has an enormous saltpan of 4800 km2, which can even be seen from space. The wildlife is very diverse. You can spot lions, elephants, and even rhinos. After this safari, you can drive towards the coast and via sea city Swakopmund, which is Namibia’s touristic hotspot, to the Namib Desert. In the Namib Desert, you will find the Sossusvlei, world-famous because of its red sand dunes. Further to the south is Fish River Canyon. This is one of the world’s largest canyons with a length of 160 km and canyons as deep as 550 meters. No matter how you plan your trip through Namibia, it will offer you many unforgettable views and experiences.

RV Rental in Windhoek

Worldwide Campers offers Windhoek, in the center of Namibia, as a rental location. Here you can pick up and turn in your RV at RV suppliers Bobo, Britz and Maui. Request a free rental quote on our website for RV rental in Windhoek.

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