RV rental in Namibia

Wedged between the South Atlantic Ocean and the Kalahari Desert, you will find the beautiful country of Namibia. With an annual quota of 300 days of sunshine, this country is a perfect vacation destination in Africa. If you choose RV rental in Namibia, you have to opportunity to see all the country’s highlights. Visit the gorgeous Sossusvlei with its famous sand dunes, the impressive Etosha National Park and the coastal town Swakopmund with its European vibe. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sensational starry nights from your own comfortable camper in the vast deserts of beautiful Namibia.

RV Rental with Worldwide Campers

A road trip with a four-wheel drive is perfectly suitable for the gravel roads in Namibia. From your RV you can enjoy the broad view of the sand landscapes, the diversity in wildlife and the beautiful sunsets. Worldwide Campers has a rental location in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. Here you can choose an RV or four-wheel drive by one of our suppliers Bobo, Britz or Mauí. The customer service team can help you decide which vehicle suits all of your wishes.

Tips for RV Rental

Because of the warm temperatures, Namibia is good for traveling in summer and winter. Do keep in mind that the temperatures in summertime, from March to October, can be very high. During the winter months, the temperatures are very pleasant, but the nights can be chilly. In Namibia, you drive on the left side. Because the country is large and the roads are unpaved, it is important to plan enough time for driving from sight to sight. It is also critical to be at your campsite before dark. The campsites and lodges are generally very beautiful and accommodated with showers and toilet facilities.

Camping in the National Parks

The national parks often also have campsites, but because of their popularity make sure you make reservations. Especially campsites located near the wildlife are fenced off and closed during the night. Next to the country maps and travel guides, you can find a lot of information at www.caravanparks.com. Your road trip in Namibia is also amazing to combine with beautiful sights in neighboring countries like South Africa and Botswana.

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