RV Rental in Botswana

Although Botswana does not have many highways, the country is very suitable for a road trip with an RV. If you are mainly interested in spotting Africa’s wildlife, Botswana is the perfect country. The few roads in Botswana all lead to one of the beautiful National Parks, like the Gemsbok National Park in the south or the Chobe National Park in the north. RV rental in Botswana is possible via WorldWide Campers. In five easy steps, you can make a personal quotation that meets all your wishes.

Charming nature of Botswana

Botswana is a very sparsely populated country with only two million inhabitants and a size similar to France. 10 percent of the people live in the southern capital Gaborone and about 1 million people live less than 100 kilometers from the capital city. Botswana is a lot less touristic than countries like South Africa and Tanzania. Especially in the northern part of the country, where you will find many nature parks.

RVs with four-wheel drive

Botswana has several beautiful nature parks, with a vast variety of wildlife. It is one of the best safari countries in the world. Especially the Chobe National Park, where you can spot the Big Five in just one day. If you want to partake a self-drive safari, it is advised to rent a 4WD RV. This national park has several campgrounds. These campgrounds are not fenced, which means the elephants can walk by your RV while you are enjoying your dinner. If you are traveling in the peak season, make sure you reserve your spot on their campgrounds at least months in advance. Worldwide Campers offers 4WD RV’s via supplier Britz, only 40 minutes away in a little town called Kasane. Looking for more sights to visit during your journey through Botswana? Lonely Planet listed the most important attractions here.

RV rental in Botswana

RV rental in Botswana is possible at two locations where you can pick up and turn in your RV: Maun and Kasane. Both places are situated in North-Botswana, close to the popular sights. Both rental locations are from supplier Britz. They offer five different 4WD campervans and trucks, which are all suitable for the off-road tracks in Botswana.  If you rent your 4WD with Worldwide Campers you can also cross the border to  Namibia or Zimbabwe and turn in your RV in one of these countries. Check our online quote and reservation system for RV rental or contact our customer service team for more information.

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