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Worldwide Campers has trusted partnerships with over forty RV and campervan suppliers worldwide. Ranging from large, international RV companies to small, independant specialists. We always offer a supplier that fits your travel preferences. You can choose a luxury RV with high levels of comfort or a basic campervan with all the essentials you need on your trip. Click on one of our suppliers to read more about their unique selling points, rental locations and RV/campervan models. Once you chose your supplier, you can request a quote on our website to compare pricing. Please contact us if you prefer additional advice.

Bobo Campers

Bobo Campers offers camper rental in South Africa and Namibia. Bobo Campers is a renowned company that has been specialized in campers since 1991. They have one of the largest fleets when it comes to motorhomes. They rent out 4WD campers (for the adventurous types) and motorhomes (suitable for family vacations). The Discoverer models 4 and 6 are available with an automatic or manual gearbox. The employees of Bobo Campers speak multiple languages: Afrikaans, Dutch, German, and English. Don't wait any longer and make a non-committed quote on our website. One of our customer service employees will contact you soon to discuss the possibilities of your quotation.

RV rental locations in Africa

Bobo Campers has several rental locations: Johannesburg (10 km from the airport), Cape Town (55km from the airport), and Windhoek, Namibia (22 km from the airport).  Bobo also offers campsite facilities close to the rental locations in Johannesburg and Windhoek. Ideal for your first or last night. The lodge at Windhoek has perfect restaurant and bar facilities and even a swimming pool. At the Cape Town facility, there is no campsite available. When you pick up the camper you will receive a guide and a map to take with you on the road. Do you want to arrange a campsite in advance? You can book this at

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