RV rental in Estonia

Estonia is the northernmost country of the Baltic States and an increasingly popular holiday destination. With your own camper from Worldwide Campers, you will experience Estonia at its best. You can decide your own route and tempo and this way you are sure to see all the beautiful sights in Estonia. Capital city Tallinn is a budget-friendly metropolis where you will definitely sense the Baltic culture. But a visit to Helsinki is also a good possibility. In only two hours by ferry, you are in Finland! RV rental in Estonia is easy via Worldwide Campers. Make you free and non-committed quotation on our website.

Discover Estonia with a camper

Estonia is a very clear and compact holiday destination. In one or two weeks you can see all the best sights in the country, including a trip to the capital city Tallinn. Do you have more time? Discover the other two Baltic States, Latvia, and Lithuania. Or cross the sea to Finland and drop off your camper at our location in Helsinki.

RV rental in Estonia

Worldwide Campers works with camper supplier Touring Cars in Estonia. You can pick up your Touring Cars camper in Tallinn. Touring Cars is one of the largest camper suppliers in Northern Europe with over thirty years of experience. The rental locations of this supplier are always located close to airports and they offer customers free transfers to and from the airports.

Visit Scandinavia from Estonia

In addition to the main rental locations in the capital cities, Touring Cars also work with so-called drop off only locations in Malmö, Götenborg, Bergen, Stavanger, Ivalo en Tampere. An extra reason to book your RV with Worldwide campers is that you do not have to stay in Estonia during your camper trip. You can discover Scandinavia on the same holiday. Sweden, Norway, and Finland are all possibilities! For more information about one-ways, please contact our customer service team.

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