Camper rental in Almere

Do you want to rent an RV in Almere? Worldwide Campers offers Almere as one of the five Dutch rental locations. An advantage of renting an RV in Almere, is that its very close to Amsterdam, like 30 minutes. Travelling with kids? Dolfinarium is also only 30 minutes away from Almere. Are you interested in renting an RV in Almere? Request an quote, compare rates and RV & camper suppliers for the best deal. You can also always call us for more information.

Start your RV trip in Almere

Choose to rent your RV in Almere, as ideal starting location of your camper holiday. In Almere we offer RVs from the supplier Mcrent. These are modern and new vehicles of a maxium of three years old. You have the choose of over ten different RV types when you choose Almere as you rental location. From compact vans to family campers for six people, they have it all. Renting an RV in Almere, doesnt mean you need to stay in the Netherlands, if there is a positive travel advise you can cross the border to almost every European country, the only rule is that you drop it off in Almere again. 

Camping in Almere

It is definitely worth your while to stay in Almere for a couple of days. The city has something for everyone, and if it is for a week or 24 hours you definitely won't get bored. There city center has a great selection of stores, have fun shopping! Or find some peace by biking into nature. The city has 420 km of bicycle roads. Don't forget to stop at the Oostvaardersplassen, where you could spot some wildlife. 
But you can also explore Almere on the water, and book a boot tour. Do you know Almere has more bridges then Venice? 

Looking for a place to stay?

How about the Marina Harbour at Almere Duin, or at the Kemphaan where you can visit Stichting Aap. Or go for some great views and stay at Noorderplassen.

Renting an RV in the Netherlands

Besides renting an RV in Almere, Worldwide Campers can help you with four more locations in the Netherlands. One in the North East of the Netherlands, in the province Drenthe. And three other locations nearby Amsterdam. With Worldwide Campers you have a wide selection of RV options with several suppliers, and always something suitable for every budget.

Do you want to rent an RV in Almere or another location in the Netherlands? Feel free to request a quote on our website. 

More information about Almere? You can always contact our collegue Linda. She has been living in this beautiful city her whole life, and loves to tell you more.

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