Camper Travel

Camper Travel Chile

Camper Travel is a rental company with a wide range of locations in Chile. They have been active in the RV world for over ten years. They starting with building RVs and have been in the rental business for more then four years now. It is a small business, based in Santiago. For Camper Travel their core business is personal attention and excellent service. Because of their years of experience in building RVs, they know everything about the RVs till the smallest details. 

Driving and camping in South America

It is allowed with the RVs of Camper Travel to drive on unpaved roads. They also allow camping in the Wild, it is not mandatory to overnight on campgrounds. Offcourse you will found campgrounds, but they are really basic.With this rental company you can cross the border to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay en Brazil. Offcourse there are extra insurance necessary for that, but Worldwide Campers can arrange this with the booking that this option is added. The pick up and drop off will both have to be in Chile

RV types

This supplier offers six different types of RV, from adventurous 4x4 jeeps to small campervans. They will have something for every different travel company or goal. 

Interested? Please contact us for an offer. 

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