RV rental in Salta

Explore enchanting Salta in northern Argentina with a rented RV. Your adventure begins with a flight to Salta, after which you will explore this city with its rich history and beautiful surroundings. Argentina is known for its breathtaking landscapes and diversity, perfect to explore at your own pace with an RV. Salta, located in the province of Salta, offers a unique climate and spectacular landscapes. Experience local culture, taste delicious food and discover natural wonders, such as the colorful mountains of the Quebrada de Humahuaca and the extraordinary salt flats. Easily rent an RV from Rutasur through Worldwide Campers for this unforgettable adventure.

Discover northern Argentina

An unforgettable RV trip through northern Argentina begins in breathtaking Salta. With your rented RV, you can explore this region in all its glory. Drive along scenic routes and enjoy the diverse landscapes. Visit the historic town of Jujuy, known for its indigenous culture and traditional markets. Explore the vast Northwest Argentine region and admire the rugged mountains, the Quebrada de Cafayate and green valleys. Admire the Tren a las Nubes, an impressive train ride through the Andes, and enjoy local specialties. This northern adventure offers an abundance of natural splendor, cultural diversity and history, all from the comfort of your own RV. Enjoy the freedom to stop wherever you like and enjoy the beauty of Argentina's northern treasures.

RV rentals in Argentina

If you're looking for an adventurous trip, renting an RV in Argentina is definitely recommended. A rented RV also allows you to cross the border into neighboring countries such as Chile. Be sure to mention this when requesting your quote, as you will need the proper border documents and permission to do so. Alternatively, consider a one-way trip, where you can return the RV to another location at the end of your trip. Keep in mind that this is by request and must be pre-approved by the rental company. There is also an additional charge for one-way motorhome rentals. For exact costs and options of one-way RV rentals in Argentina, please contact our customer service team.

Well insured on your trip

We value security and quality. Apart from a small excess, all our RVs are comprehensively insured. This excess is standard with almost all RV rental companies. You can optionally purchase additional insurance on location to reduce this excess. However, to make sure everything is taken care of before you leave, we also offer this option. When renting an RV in Salta, you can completely buy off the deductible with our No-Risk Warranty Check out our attractive rates on our website.

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