RV rental in Argentina

Are you interested in RV rental in Argentina for a unique vacation? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Argentina as one of our destinations in South America. When you want to travel in Argentina you might not immediately think of RV rental. But this country is a great destination for an RV vacation. Argentina has amazingly diverse nature and you can experience this up close while traveling with an RV. Travel through Patagonia, with the Andes Mountains, large forests and glaciers. Looking for RV rental in Argentina? Request a free quote on our website.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

If you are interested in renting an RV in Argentina, we recommend doing so early. This has to do with RV availability and then you can be sure that RVs are still available for your trip to Argentina. In other cases, or last minute bookings, Worldwide Campers often cannot guarantee that your preferred RV is still available.

Traveling by RV in Argentina

If you are looking for an adventurous trip, we definitely advise you RV rental in Argentina! You can cross the border with your rental vehicle to neighboring countries like Chile, Bolivia and Peru. This is on the condition that you indicate your wish to cross the border in your request for a rental quote. This is because cross border RV rental needs some organization, like the right border documents. You can also choose one-way RV rental, where you drop off your vehicle at a different location at the end of your trip. This is always on request because you need approval from the supplier, and it is subject to an additional one-way fee. Please contact us for the exact costs of one-way rental in Argentina.

Camping in Argentina

Renting an RV in Argentina does take some preparation. This starts with booking your RV rental at least six months in advance. Due to high demand and limited rental vehicles, last minute rental requests are rarely approved. In addition, we advise you to research campgrounds along your preferred route. Argentina does not have many campgrounds and sites, but luckily it is also allowed to camp free. This gives you the opportunity to stay the night in the middle of Argentina’s amazing nature. Read more about travel tips and itineraries here.

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