RV rental Cologne

Are you considering renting an RV for an adventurous tour of Germany? Cologne, located in the west of the country on the Rhine River, makes an excellent base for your RV adventure. Whether you travel by car from the Netherlands, come by train to Cologne, the options are diverse. At Worldwide Campers, you can request a quote for renting an RV in Cologne easily and without obligation from the rental companies McRent, Indie Campers or Rent Easy.

RV rental from Worldwide Campers

Cologne offers several options for an exciting start to your RV trip. Consider spending a few days in this vibrant city before hitting the road with your RV. Cologne is known for its impressive cathedral (Cologne Cathedral), the atmospheric Altstadt with its old market and the views from the KölnTriangle. Also discover the lively atmosphere along the Rhine River and visit museums like the Ludwig Museum. Worldwide Campers works with rental companies McRent, Indie Campers and Rent Easy in Cologne. You can choose from various RV types, from compact models for two people to more spacious versions for the whole family. Do you have questions about motorhome rental in Cologne? Then contact Worldwide Campers' customer service team.

Other rental locations in Germany

With as many as 13 different rental locations in Germany, you have the freedom to choose where to pick up your RV and which destinations to explore. Located in western Germany, Cologne offers an excellent base for a trip through the Rhine Valley and neighboring regions. Besides Cologne, you can also consider picking up an RV in cities such as Düsseldorf or Frankfurt. Germany has more than 1,100 campsites where you can stay, and if you plan to wild camp, it is advisable to check the local rules.

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