Proveedores de autocaravanas

Wordwide Campers trabaja con muchos proveedores en Autralia, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Nueza Zelanda, América Latina, Sudáfrica, y Europa. Esto asegura el mejor precio en el alquiler de su vehículo. No tendrá que pagar costes de reserva o de gestión. Las opciones disponibles con nuestros proveedores serán mostradas cuando se solicite una tarifa y las condiciones con cada proveedor son claras. Una vez recibimos su solicitud de presupuesto, comprobamos la disponibilidad al instante. Si no disponemos de ningún vehículo, buscaremos la solución que mejor se acomode a sus necesidades.

Indie Campers

In 2013 two friends started Indie Campers with three Campervans. Today Indie Campers has grown toone of the largest RV rental suppliers in Europe, with a fleet of over 1200 RV's and campervans en rental locations in 15 countries. 

Indie Campers specializes in compact RV's and campervans. They offer six different RV types, the biggest one sleeps a family of five. All campervans are maximum from 1-4vyears old. Do you want to explore Europe by RV, request your free quotation with Worldwide Campers. 

Advantages of Indie Campers

Indie Campers offera lot of advantages:

  • Use the online check-in service before you arrive. This service is available 30 days before pick-up date. This will speed up your RV pick-up. 
  • Indie Campers offers 24/7 roadside assistance
  • You are free to bring your dog, providing your pet is not bigger than 30kg/66Lbs. Please request this upon reservation and we will include the pet-fee in your quotation. 
  • Minumum rental periode is 7 days in high season and 2 days in low season. We are able however to request less rental days. 
  • Minimum age to rent an Indie Camper is 18 years old. Between the age of 18 and 25, an addittional insurance is manditory. You can find the costs in  the options when requesting your quotation. 
  • All RV's have manual gear, with the exeption of some newer models Marco Polo and California. 
  • Indie Campers offer a lot of extra's you can add to your rental, like surfboards, foldable bicycles and wifi. 
  • Your rental includes 1050 free kilometers/650 miles. You can easily add addittional miles/kilometers. 
  • Indie Campers alows international oneways. Ask our team for the possibilities 

Rental locations from Indie Campers

Indie Campers offers RV and campervan rentals in over 40 locations across Europe and the United States (Los Angeles Only). You can pick up your RV in f.e. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Switserland, Austra, Portugal, Spain, Iceland and the UK. 


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