Rent Easy

Rent Easy

Rent Easy is an European rental company, and also falls under Mcrent. They have a camperfleet of 600 RVs and offer they brands Hymer, Carado, Bürstner and Etrusco. In total they offer ten kinds of RV's from 2 to 6 people. Rent Easy have locations in seven European countries. In germany they offer more then 15 locations all over.

Camper Rental from Rent Easy

If you rent with Rent Easy, you have the following advantages.

  • The RVs are on average 5 months old, never older then 2 years. 
  • All the RVs include navigation, bike rack, awning and 250 kilomiles per day. (extra km can be bought)
  • You can cross the border to other European countries, some eastern Europe countries need pre-approval from Rent Easy. At some locations you can leave your car, please ask our team for more information
  • You can add a lot of extras, like bedlinen, kitchen equipment, camping chairs and table, towels and child seats. 



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