RV rental in Vienna

Are you interested in RV rental in Vienna? Worldwide Campers offers a rental location in Vienna, Austria. As the capital city of Austria, Vienna is perfect for a city trip of a few days before you pick up your rental RV close to the airport of Vienna. Enjoy the freedom that an RV provides and travel at your own pace. Austria is beautiful and provinces like Tirol, Carinthia and Salzburg are very popular among campers. Are you interested in RV rental in Vienna for a road trip through Austria? Request a free quote without any obligations on our website and compare our rental vehicles and rates for the best deal!

Choose your RV in Vienna

Depending on your travel company, preferences, and budget you can choose out of several campervan types. Worldwide Campers works together with European supplier Indie Campers in Vienna. Indie Campers offers six kinds of vehicles for at least four people. The rental location in Vienna is only a 10-minute drive from the international airport. You can book a transfer with your reservation from the airport to the rental location or you can take a taxi from and to the airport. Once you are in your RV and on the road you are free to decide your own route. Check ASCI if you want to reserve campgrounds in advance. 

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

At Worldwide Campers you can pick up your RV in Vienna and return your vehicle in another European city, such as Rome or Berlin. This is called one-way RV rental and with Indie Campers it is even possible to reserve an international one way. Please note that a one-way is always on request and has to be approved by the supplier. The supplier charges a one-way fee depending on the pickup and the drop-off cities you choose. Please request a free quote or contact our customer service team for the exact costs of an international one way.

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