RV rental in Charlotte

Would you like to rent an RV in Charlotte, North Carolina and explore the southern states of America? Rent an RV and experience the ultimate road trip. When you start in "Queen City," (Charlotte owes this nickname to the former British Queen Sophia Charlotte), you'll be at the beginning of your dream drive just like the NASCAR racers. Therefore, a visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame must be added on your to-do list. Other activities include a walk through the famous Freedom Park and explore the historic center by segway. Don't forget to taste the delicious soul food in one of the local restaurants!

One-way campervan rental in Charlotte

Are you planning to rent an RV in Charlotte, but would you like to return it at a different location? Worldwide Campers partners with the RV rental company Cruise America in Charlotte and they offer several rental locations in North America. For example, pick up your RV in Charlotte and return it in Atlanta, Georgia or travel onwards to the Sunshine State of Florida. Contact our customer service department and find out what the (one-way) options are.

RV trip from Charlotte

Renting an RV in Charlotte means freedom and the ability to go wherever you want. Spend a few days in this buzzling city before you hit the road with your RV. History has been written in North and South Carolina. Visit old plantation houses and museums along the way and learn more about slavery and the Civil War. Would you like to combine culture with outdoor activities? Travel to the Smoky Mountains, on the border with neighboring state Tennessee, and go hiking, mountain biking or ziplining.

Benefits Worldwide Campers 

Renting an RV in Charlotte through Worldwide Campers offers several benefits:

  • Free quote without any obligations
  • Motorhomes possible for every budget
  • Travel worry free with our No-Risk Warranty
  • We offer transparent rates, including all necessary insurances.
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