RV Rental in Washington D.C.

Are you looking for RV rental in Washington D.C.?As the capital city of the United States, this city is worth a visit before you start traveling by RV. We recommend to take a couple of days to visit downtown Washington D.C. before you leave by rental RV to make a trip through the north-eastern part of the United States. You can use these days to visit all the famous sites in Washington D.C. Of course the White House and the Capitol are on top of the list, as well as a walk through the park of the National Mall to the Washington Monument. Did you know that entrance in most museums in Washington D.C. is free of charge? Looking for RV rental in Washington? Don’t hesitate to request a free quote or contact us for more information.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

In Washington D.C. we work with the rental companies El Monte RV and Cruise America. Both are renowned companies who offer a wide range in types of motorhomes. Consider for instance the C-22 campervan by El Monte, suited for two adults and two children, or the C-30 camper by Cruise America which has plenty of room for 6 persons. Worldwide Campers has a RV rental location in more than 30 cities in the United States. Besides RV rental in Washington we also offer rental campers in for example: Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Newark and  Miami.

A one-way trip though the country

Are you thinking about renting a motorhome in Washington D.C. for a camper trip up north to Boston and New England? Or do you want to pick up your campervan in Washington D.C. and return it in New York? Then book beforehand at Worldwide Campers and ask about the options for a one-way camper trip. We advise you to book this option as early as possible as it is not always available. An advantage of early booking is that camper rental companies often offer special deals and discounts if you make your booking for a motorhome well in advance.

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