RV Rental in Punta Arenas

Are you looking for RV rental in Punta Arenas for an unforgettable trip through Chile? Fly to Punta Arenas to start you road trip in the south of Chile. Chile is known for its majestic nature and beautiful scenery. Rent a motorhome and enjoy what is around you, while you drive the quiet roads and pristine nature. Punta Arenas is de most southern city in the world and is also called ‘the end of the world’. The city is only 1400 kilometers away from Antartica! Experience the exquisite vistas for your self with a motorhome from Holiday Rent. Choose RV rental in Punta Arenas in only four easy steps with Worldwide Campers. 

RV rental in Punta Arenas

Worldwide Campers offers more than ten rental locations in Chile via our trusted supplier Holiday Rent. You can rent a motorhome in Punta Arenas en travel north. At the end of your road trip, you can drop off your motorhome at the rental location in for example Santiago de Chile. If you choose different rental locations, do keep in mind you pay a so-called one-way fee. Are you curious about the costs of a one way in Chile? Please contact our customer service team for more information.

Road trip through Chile’s most beautiful nature

The advantage of RV rental in Punta Arenas is that you start your travels in the most southern province of Chile. When driving North, you pass beautiful national parks and pristine nature. You are also allowed to cross the border to Argentina with your rental RV to discover even more of South America. Spot the penguins in Tierra del Fuego and travel to stunning Patagonia. In Chile you can often camp in free nature although there are enough campsites in the country, especially surrounding the national parks.

RV rental with Holiday Rent

Our supplier in Chile, Holiday Rent, is a small company with over 20 years of experience and personal service as the most important value. They give you choice out of eight different motorhome types, depending on what is available at the rental location of your choice. Most RV’s of Holiday Rent have 4WD, which means you can also drive off-road. Are you interested in RV rental in Chile? Make a free and non-committed quotation on our website.

Note: Book your motorhome for Chile at least 6 months prior to your travel dates. We cannot guarantee any availability of motorhomes when you make a quotation less than 6 months before your travel dates.

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