RV rental in Latvia

Are you interested in RV rental in Latvia for a unique road trip in Eastern Europe? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Latvia as one of over fifteen countries in Europe. When you think of making a road trip through Europe, you may not immediately think of Latvia. But this country offers surprisingly beautiful nature and is great for nature lovers, who like to travel off the beaten path. Combine the energetic capital city Riga with Gauja National Park and Slitere National Park. Latvia has over 700 state-level protected nature areas and a lot of wildlife, including lynx, moose, and wolves. The country is sparsely populated outside of Riga and does not have much industry. Because of this Latvia’s skies are less polluted, and its nature is unspoiled. Are you looking for RV rental in Latvia? Request a free quote on our website.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers has a partnership with European supplier Touring Cars for RV rental in Latvia. Touring Cars is originally a Finnish rental company but nowadays they have rental locations in twelve European countries, including Latvia. You can pick up and drop off your vehicle at the rental location in Riga. You can choose out of six different models, including a campervan for 2 people and larger RV’s for up to six people. Included in your rental rate are unlimited kilometers and a transfer from and to the international airport of Riga. In addition, you can select several extras like bedding, camping chairs, and a camping table. You can add these extras in Step 2 of your quotation request.

Traveling by RV in Latvia

If you want to make a unique and authentic trip through Europe, RV rental in Latvia is a great choice. You are allowed to cross the border to neighboring countries like Estonia and Lithuania on the condition that you ask permission at the rental location. We advise you to read the rental conditions for all the travel restrictions that apply to Latvia. You can also choose one-way RV rental, which means you drop off your rental vehicle at another location at the end of your travels. In Latvia, you can pick up your rental RV or campervan in Riga and choose Tallinn in Estonia as a drop-off location. One-ways are always on request because you need the approval of the supplier. In addition, one-ways are always subject to a surcharge. Please contact our customer service team for more information on the exact costs of one-way RV rental in the Baltic States.

Camping in Latvia

Latvia and the other two Baltic States offer a great selection of campgrounds, where you can overnight with your rental RV. Located in the forests, next to lakes or along the coast of the Baltic Sea, the campgrounds are often small and offer peace and quiet. In addition, it is allowed to camp free in Latvia, which means you can overnight in the middle of nature. We advise researching the free camping policy in the Baltic States because there are natural areas and national parks where free camping is not allowed or only with limitations. Please contact Worldwide Campers for more information. We are happy to help get you on the road safely!

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