RV rental in Rovaniemi

Have you always wanted to experience the midnight sun or see where Santa lives? With RV rental in Rovaniemi, you can implement these two sights in your travels. When you fly to Rovaniemi, you will land close to the polar circle. At the beginning of summer (end of June), the sun will not set at night, and at the beginning of winter (beginning of December) the sun will not come up during the day. If you rent your RV in the summer, you are guaranteed endless summer nights. Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland and its largest tourist attraction is the Santa Claus Village, where Santa Clause lives during the year. Santa’s residence is located exactly on the polar circle. Are you looking for RV rental in Rovaniemi for a road trip in Finnish Lapland? Make a free and easy quotation on our website.

A road trip in Finnish Lapland

From Rovaniemi, you can make an unforgettable road trip through Finnish Lapland. North of the city you will find a rugged landscape with many mountains and forest, which the moose and reindeer call home. The further north you drive the fewer people you will encounter. This area is mostly populated with Sami, the native inhabitants of Finnish Lapland, who have their own language and earn their living with the breeding reindeer. In the furthest north of Finland, you find the beautiful Inari Lake. You can drive back to Rovaniemi via Norway or Sweden.

RV rental in Finland

The north of Finland is very scarcely populated. Finnish Lapland is twice as large as the Netherlands and has approx. 200.000 inhabitants (in comparison: the Netherlands counts 17 million). This means the infrastructure is limited but it is well-maintained. If you are looking for peace, quiet and stunning nature, RV rental in Rovaniemi will suit your wishes. In Finland, you are allowed to free camp in nature under a couple of conditions. Read about the conditions here.

RV rental in Rovaniemi

RV rental in Rovaniemi is possible with our Scandinavian supplier Touring Cars. This supplier offers a variety in RV and camper types for the whole family or for just two people. Touring Cars also has rental locations in Helsinki and Turku, which offers the possibility to make your trip a one-way. You can pick up your RV in Rovaniemi and drop it off in Helsinki or Turku at the end of your travels.

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