RV rental in Trondheim

The north of Norway offers you stunning scenery. Choose RV rental in Trondheim and cruise along the fjords, glaciers, mountains and forest of Norway. The city of Trondheim has the largest airport in Norway, so there is a good chance you can fly directly to Trondheim. In the summer you can enjoy the endless summer nights of northern Norway, especially with an RV. Park your RV in the middle of nowhere and watch the sun slowly sink into the horizon. Do take into account that it barely gets dark this far north from May 20th until July 20th. From Trondheim, you can drive the E6 highway all the way to the North Cape. This road also goes through Tromsø, the largest city in the north and also called the Paris of the North.

Discover the National Parks by RV

The Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, one of the largest parks in Norway, is definitely recommended. You will find very diverse nature, from high mountaintops to glaciers and widespread forests where you can spot moose. Also high on the list is the archipelago of Lofoten, close to the northwest coast of Norway. From here you have a good chance to spot whales and these islands are also popular because of the famous northern lights, which you can spot here from September until March.

RV rental in Norway

The infrastructure in Norway is very good and the Norwegians are calm and sophisticated drives. This makes it easy to drive your rental RV in Norway, even if you are not a very experienced driver. The highways also offer many resting areas where you can stop, use the restroom, or take a bite to eat and enjoy the view. In Norway, you have the freedom to camp and sleep in free nature for a maximum of 24 hours in the same place, with the exception of nature preserves and private property. The country also offers a range of campgrounds. Go to Camping.no for an overview of all campgrounds.

RV rental in Trondheim

Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Trondheim via our supplier Touring Cars. You can choose between a variety of RV and camper types, depending on the size of your travel company.  Next to Trondheim, you can also choose RV rental in other cities in Norway: Oslo, Stavanger, Rygge, Tromsø, and Kristiansand. Depending on your preferences there are possibilities to go for one-way RV rental. In this case, you pick up your RV in Trondheim and return it in Oslo. Do you have a question regarding the one-way costs or RV rental in Norway? Please contact our experienced customer service team.

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