RV rental in Brussels

Are you looking for RV rental in Brussels? Worldwide Campers offers Brussels (Zaventem) as our rental location in Belgium. Pick up your RV or campervan in Brussels and start your road trip through Europe! Brussels is not only the political center of Europe, it is quite literally very central in Belgium and in Europe. From here you can explore Belgium and the beautiful historic cities like Bruges or Gent, enjoy the outdoors in the nature of the Ardennes or visit the coast of Belgium. You can also cross the border and visit countries like the Netherlands, France or Germany. Interested in RV rental in Brussels? Request a free quote on our website.

Start your RV vacation in Brussels

Depending on your budget, travel company and comfort preferences, you can choose a campervan that suits your vacation. Worldwide Campers works together with Indie Campers in Brussels. Indie Campers is a very large RV and campervan supplier in Europe with several campervans in their fleet. The rental location of Indie Campers is located in Zaventem, which is where the international airport of Brussels is located as well. You can add the shuttle transfer from Zaventem airport to the rental location to your RV reservation when requesting your quote. 

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers offers only one rental location in Belgium, which means that you automatically return your campervan at the same rental location at the end of your trip. Indie Campers does offer you the possibility of an international one way. This means that you pick up your rental vehicle in Brussels but at the end of your travels you can return it in another European city. You can choose from several cities, where Indie Campers has a rental location, such as London, Paris or Amsterdam. Indie Campers does charge an extra fee for an international one way, which depends on the cities you choose as a pickup or drop-off location. Request a free quote or contact our customer service team for the exact costs. 

Camping in Belgium

When you are traveling by RV in the summer, it means that many other Europeans are camping as well. We advise you to reserve some campgrounds along your route, especially for your first and last night. This way you can travel without any stress or worries! And you have many campgrounds to choose from because Belgium has hundreds of campgrounds - from basic to family-friendly with many facilities, such as pools and playgrounds. In addition, Europe has over 9000 campgrounds you can choose from! Check ACSI for a list. 

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