RV rental in Amsterdam

Why not discover the Netherlands? When you choose RV rental in Amsterdam, you are not bound to one location. The Netherlands has lots to offer outside of Amsterdam. You can drive through all twelve provinces at your own pace because both the North and the South have countless beautiful nature parks, historic villages en nice beaches. The Netherlands is very diverse in its natural scenery.

Touring the Netherlands

From Amsterdam, you can explore the country ‘clockwise’. You can start in the province of Noord-Holland and see the old 18th and 19th-century houses and windmills in De Zaanse Schans. Or you can admire the flower gardens in Limmen. Next, you can enjoy a nice walk on one of the beaches, for example at Egmond aan Zee or Callantsoog. Via the Afsluitdijk, the largest causeway of 32 km in the country, you can drive towards provinces Friesland and Groningen. First, in Friesland, you can drive the castle tour, which shows dozens of old castles and mansions. The province of Noord-Brabant offers beautiful nature, like De Peel of De Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Once you are in Limburg you will experience another landscape. Visit authentic villages like Sint-Odiliënberg and Thorn. When you drive towards the sea, you can drive through the province of Zeeland, which has several small port cities. The Delta Works are great for sightseeing as well. Back in the middle of The Netherlands, there are many options for great nature, like De Oostvaardersplassen or Het Groene Hart.

Camping in the Netherlands

The Netherlands counts over 130 campsites. You can choose one of the spacious, quiet campsites in the province of Drenthe to stay the night. Meanwhile, you can visit the Hunebedden, which are prehistoric stone chambers. A nice hike through the Drenthse Aa is also recommended. Further in your route, you can go to Giethoorn, a unique historic village without roads, because back in the day they transported everything by water. Nowadays there are still mainly canals instead of roads.

RV rental in Amsterdam

You can also choose RV rental in Amsterdam and visit other countries in Europe. Within only a couple of hours, you can be in FranceGermany or Austria. In The Netherlands, Worldwide Campers offers four pick-up locations, including Amsterdam, where the pick-up location is close to the airport Schiphol, and Gieten, in the province of Drenthe. Check our online quote and reservation system for RV rental.

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