RV rental in Croatia

Are you looking for RV rental in Croatia to discover this beautiful country on your own time? With its beautiful nature, idyllic coastline and authentic cities Croatia is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination. The country has some of Europe's most exquisite wonders of nature like the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the waterfalls of Krka. You will find crystal clear lakes and many waterfalls in the midst of the bright green forest. Croatia is also known for its amazing coastline with the cities of Split and Dubrovnik as two highlights. Did you know that the popular series Game of Thrones shoots in several places in Croatia? Take the city of Dubrovnik, which plays an important role in the series. Nowadays one-third of the travelers in Croatia choose to go camping, so you will feel at ease quickly with a rental motorhome. RV rental in Croatia is possible via Worldwide Campers in four easy steps.

Camping in Croatia

Croatia is very suitable as a camping country. You are not allowed to camp in free nature but the number of campgrounds is increasing every year. Especially along the coast, close to the national parks and in the province of Istria, you will have a broad choice. Are you traveling in the peak season? Then make sure you reserve your camping spots. Take a look at the website of Croatian Camping Union for a list of campgrounds, travel tips, and a selection of route suggestions. Nowadays the highways in Croatia are also of good quality. You can drive from Zagreb to Šibenik in approx. three hours. Croatia has over a thousand beautiful islands on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and many are very reachable via boat. You can take your motorhome on the boat and overnight on the islands, as many have their own campgrounds. Some islands are connected by bridge to the mainland, like the island Krk.

RV rental in Croatia

Worldwide Campers works together with RV supplier McRent, Touring Cars and Val-Travel in Zagreb and Indie Campers in Split. Depending on the size of your travel companion and the availability of the motorhomes on location, you can choose from several motorhome types. Because the rental locations in Zagreb and in Split are different RV suppliers in Croatia, you have to return your vehicle back to the same city at the end of your RV trip. Are you interested in RV rental in Croatia? Make a free and non-committed quote on the website or contact our customer service team.

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