RV rental in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the immense waterfall in the north of Zimbabwe close to the border of Zambia. This impressive water curtain is almost two kilometers long, which makes it one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The waterfall has its origin in the Zambezi River and is more than 100 meters high at some points. During the rainy season there is a lot of mist in Victoria Falls, which results in the most beautiful rainbows in combination with the shining sun. RV rental in Victoria Falls is possible with Worldwide Campers.

Roadtrip in Zimbabwe

Besides the Victoria Falls, which is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Zimbabwe has other amazing sights you should visit. The country has lots of wildlife in the Hwange National Park, impressive mountains like the Chimanimani Mountains and the Kariba Lake, a large artificial reservoir lake of more than 6000 km2. Because Zimbabwe is a very large country, it is important to plan your travels carefully and arrange enough time to drive to all the sights.

Tripoint in Africa

Victoria Falls is close to the well-known tripoint of Africa, where the borders of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana meet. On the map, it looks like a quadripoint together with Namibia, but in reality, the country has no touching point with the other three borders. This does give you the chance to visit four different countries in one road trip. Because Worldwide Campers has RV rental locations in Botswana and Namibia as well, you can also turn in your RV in one of these countries at the end of your trip.

RV rental in Victoria Falls

Worldwide Campers has a rental location in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Here you can pick up and turn in your motorhome from supplier Britz. All our campers have standard insurance against liability. Of course, you have the possibility to extend your insurance. You can find more information about the insurance of your motorhome rental on the page insurances.

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